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Always On FAQ's

What is the duration of the promotion?

How does the 1.5Gb Free WIFI campaign work?

How will we be communicating with Smart Shoppers?

How many times can a Smart Shopper enter this promotion?

How does a Smart Shopper sign up?

What happens if l lose my Smart Shopper card?

What happens if my Smart Shopper card is not registered?

How does a Smart Shopper connect to the internet using AlwaysOn WIFI?

Do I need to login every time I enter a Hotspot or does my device connect automatically?

Where are the AlwaysOn Hotspots?

What happens if a Smart Shopper forgets their account details?

What if I exhaust my 1.5Gb free WIFI? Will I get billed?

How does a Smart Shopper check their usage or purchase history?

Can a Smart Shopper use more than one package on multiple devices at the same time?

Can I link more than one device to my account?

I am using an Apple Device and cannot login or register ‐ what do I do?

How does WiFi work?

Why is WiFi sometimes fast and sometimes slow?

Who do I contact for support if I cannot connect my device to an AlwaysOn Hotspot?

Who do I contact if I have any queries on Smart Shopper?

Why did Smart Shopper introduce personalised discounts ?