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Four-legged fitness

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Six ways to guard against pudgy pets:
  • Rule out other medical problems. 

Get your vet to assess your pet’s body condition and overall health and inquire about safe work out regimen for him.

  • Start slow.

Like us, dogs and cats need time to get fit, especially if they’re overweight. Carrying extra weight puts additional strain on your pet’s joints, heart and respiratory system.

  • Take it easy. 

When running or biking with your dog, don’t overexert him. Watch for lagging and panting. Stop and rest.

  • Get into the swim of things.

Playtime in the water is great exercise for water-loving dogs. 

  • Get creative. 

Blowing bubbles and playing tag are fun ways to be active with your dog. String toys and catnip are great for encouraging activity in cats.

  • Have a ball. 

The golden oldie of throwing a ball or Frisbee for your pet is still one of the best ways to keep them fit.

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Current rating: 5 from 1 votes.
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