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How to lose weight healthily and forever?

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The simplest, most effective way of losing weight is to adjust your eating habits for life.

1.       Exercise for 1 hour every single day

This can simply be a brisk walk or a work out at the gym, but new research suggests that you need to be active 7 days a week! Make it a habit – it’s the only way to do it!

2.       Eat breakfast every day

A bowl of high fibre cereal or porridge with low fat or fat free milk and a fruit is perfect. Otherwise, try a slice of seed toast with a boiled or poached egg and a fruit.

3.       Weigh and measure yourself often

Measure your hip and waist with a tape measure and hop on the scale once a week to make sure you are staying on track.

4.       Follow the same eating plan during the week, on weekends AND when on holiday

If you do happen to go off track then keep it to only a meal or a coffee break – do not write off an entire day or weekend!

5.       Control your calorie intake

  • Watch your portion sizes! 
  • Cut out your occasional treats of biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets and soft drinks.
  • Prepare a mug of hot chocolate using cocoa, hot fat free milk and sweetener for a low calorie treat.
  • Freeze fat free yoghurt and enjoy it as a delicious alternative to ice cream.
  • Limit the alcohol - men should have no more than 6 drinks per week and ladies a maximum of 4 drinks a week. And, don’t plan it all on one night!
  • The quality of the food you eat is important – focus on eating loads of vegetables and fruit every day and wholegrains – you will have more to eat yet less calories!

 6.       Keep a food diary or record

Be aware of what you put into your mouth every day. This will help you track your diet and identify why you gain weight.

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Current rating: 3 from 2 votes.
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