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Keep kitty cosy

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Frosty nights can make winter weather uncomfortable for your cat.

Shalagh-Ann Fredericks suggests these tips to keep your favourite feline chipper during the chilly season:

  • Warm engines are a popular (and sometimes life-threatening) hiding place for cats. Hoot once or bang on the front bonnet before starting up your car engine to give pussy a chance to escape.
  • Cats can suffer from dental issues that can lead to serious tooth and gum disease problems if left unchecked. Schedule yearly tooth check-ups to keep teeth healthy.
  • Just like humans, cats can also catch a cold, have allergic reactions and even suffer from kidney failure. “If your cat has an illness, you’ll have to be its nurse,” writes Darlene Arden, author of The Complete Cat’s Meow (Howell Book House). “The first and most important thing is to make sure your cat takes all its medication...

No kitty? Visit www.wetnose.org.za or call 013 932 3941 for info on pet adoption.

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