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Pint-sized pets

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Small pets such as rats, mice and hamsters are great companions ‐ especially if you live in an apartment.

They may be little, but they require just as much care and attention as bigger pets.

Here are four ways to keep small pets happily healthy:

  • Nutrition – offer fresh food and water daily. Give them good-quality rodent mix as well as fresh fruit and vegetables – a tub of grass or herbs will be a special treat.
  • Housing – small pets are clever little creatures that require cages with different levels for sleeping, playing and toileting. Be sure to keep enclosures clean and protected from other pets and unsupervised children. 
  • Play – toys are important. A mielie cob, a block of wood, a natural (non-toxic) branch and hanging feathers can be playthings. Small pets are happiest when they’re active, so try-out a range of different toys.
  • Health – indoor pets need veterinary care when they are sick. Lots of love and attention is vital.
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