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Six ways to encourage your baby's development

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You don't have to be a child development expert to give your baby a great start in life.

Baby bonding

Human contact can nurture motor skills and language from the moment your baby is born. Simple things like holding her close, talking and singing to her can help promote her hearing and sight. 

Sensory secrets

Allow your baby to experience his environment by exposing him to different sights, smells and textures – for example, rough, smooth, cold or warm – and explain what he’s touching. This will help nurture his motor and language skills as well as his understanding of his environment.

Tummy time

When your baby is about three months old help her develop motor skills and a strong body for movement by regularly placing her on her tummy.

Toy story

When your baby is about six months of age and can sit up and grasp objects, encourage him to play with interactive toys that facilitate baby development. Toys that move are a great option because they motivate babies to go after them and stimulate mobility. Colorful toys and things that surprise, such as pop-up toys, are also fantastic for this age.

Tune out

In their first year of life babies shouldn’t be exposed to TV or computers as they can actually hinder development. Language skills are best learnt via direct human interaction – like reading a book for example. TVs are artificial and this can be confusing to a young child who may call out to the TV and not receive anticipated feedback.

Capital YOU

Personal interaction between mother or father and child is critical for baby development. As yours grows, never stop talking to her, holding her, and giving her the personal time and face-to-face contact that she adores. It will help her develop into a happy, self-sufficient individual – what we all want for our kids.

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