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PnP recognises that small changes have to happen at home (and at the office) in order to make a big difference to our environment. Here are some of the ways our corporate 'home' is becoming more eco-friendly.

Wind turbines

Pick n Pay has wind turbines installed at our regional office in Port Elizabeth. Although the wind turbines only generate 3% of daily energy usage at the moment, they are an important way for us to learn about renewable energy.

Worm farms

Worm farms are installed at all our regional offices and at our Constantia store, where we make compost from fruit and vegetable waste, thereby decreasing the amount of rubbish we throw away, and increasing our ability to recycle in an effective way.


The PnP approach to waste-management is three-tiered:

1.     Managing our own waste
2.     Reducing packaging
3.     Consumer recycling

Although paper, glass, metal and plastic are used widely for food packaging, we are committed to making packaging more recyclable, reducing unnecessary packaging and researching alternative and renewable technologies to use in future. We are also dedicated to making it as easy as possible for our colleagues and our customers to recycle, and have installed recycling bins in all corporate offices. 

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Organic vegetable medley
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