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Why it’s important

We have a passion for a cleaner and more sustainable future.The advent of COP21 at the end of 2015 signalled the increasing international drive to mitigate the significant impact that economic development has had on the environment. Reducing our environmental footprint helps us manage risk and achieve cost reductions. The rising costs and environmental impacts associated with electricity and fuel use, as well as sending waste to landfill, is key drivers in this area. Given the pressure on natural resources, this focus also benefits the environment and broader society. Severe climatic events, increasing energy costs and water supply limitations are impacting producers and could, in time, threaten global food systems. We take our responsibility seriously and work with others in tackling these risks.

In 2015 we were included in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability indices for the third year in a row. We were also the top performing retailer in the world in the global Carbon Disclosure Project in 2014 and shared joint global 2nd position in 2015. 

What we do

  • As a leading retailer, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and encouraging our suppliers and others to do so as well.
  • We have identified our key environmental impacts and our efforts are guided by a climate change and food security strategy.
  • Our approach focuses on improving energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint, reducing the amount of waste we produce, recycling as much as possible, and being water-wise.
  • We have improved our environmental data management which equips us to better respond to our environmental reporting obligations.
  • Greater centralisation of our business is improving our operational efficiency in this and other areas.

What we aim for

  1. Improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
  2. Reduce waste generation and divert waste from landfills
  3. Reduce packaging
  4. Be water wise

Our targets and commitments

  • We are committed to reducing our energy use per square meter by 50% from a 2008 baseline. We have Solar PV installations at our largest buildings – our Longmeadow Distribution Centre in Johannesburg and our Phillipi Distribution Centre in Cape Town and are trialing renewable technology at selected stores.  This reflects our track record over the past decade in reducing the energy we use – so that less energy needs to be generated in the first place, whether from conventional or renewable sources. 
  • Thanks to smarter equipment and the commitment of our staff, we've cut the energy we use in each of our stores by over a third since 2008.  We’re committed to cutting it by a further 20% by 2020, bringing our total reduction to over 50% in just over a decade. 
  • In terms of tackling climate change, and including our work on climate-friendly refrigeration, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% per square metre by 2020 from a 2015 baseline
  • We aim to reduce absolute emissions by 10% from a 2015 baseline
  • We will reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill by 20% by 2020.  And as PnP becomes more efficient and effective we will reduce the amount of food waste we produce in the first place.
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