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Where it all began

In 1997 Raymond and Wendy Ackerman celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Pick n Pay.

To commemorate this occasion, to honour Raymond and Wendy Ackerman, and to ensure Pick n Pay's ongoing philosophy of philanthropy, the Board of Directors of Pick n Pay Stores Limited resolved to set aside a substantial sum of money to create a fund for philanthropic purposes. And thus the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation was established as a Corporate Foundation.

The Good Corporate Citizen

Pick n Pay was one of the first companies in South Africa to make a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. This is one of the pillars on which the company philosophy is founded.

Being a "Good Corporate Citizen" defines our conduct as an organisation. The King Report 2002 defines Corporate Social Responsibility as "Business decision-making linked to ethical values, compliance with legal requirements and respect for people, communities and the environment proved by a comprehensive set of policies, practices and programmes that are integrated throughout business operations and decision-making processes that are supported and rewarded by top management".

Corporate Social Investment relates to financial and non-financial investment in socially responsible initiatives. "Investment" implies that through using company assets a return would be expected. These returns may not necessarily be financial, but need to relate back to the mission and objectives of the Foundation to reflect their success. Read about the vision, mission and objectives of the Foundation here.

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