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Funding guidelines

How can you apply for assistance?

  • You can write to us, telling us about the project that you wish to put forward for consideration. If it is a company that wishes to supply Pick n Pay with a product or service, we will require a Business Plan.
  • The first step is to download one of the forms below, then complete and email it to the address found on the Contact us page.
  • The Pick n Pay Enterprise Development Fund application form is for emerging businesses who would like to explore the possibility of supplying PnP with product or services.
  • The Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation application form is for community based organizations that focus on sustainable job creation or income generation projects.

What are the criteria for the project and what information do we need?

  • It must be community-based (we cannot fund individuals)
  • It must be a registered Not for Profit organization
  • The outcome of the project must be income generation or job creation
  • Employees of Pick n Pay are not eligible for support from the Foundation
  • In the case of emerging suppliers to Pick n Pay - it can be a company or co-operative and the product has to comply with set requirements.

What is the process?

  • We do a desktop evaluation of the project to assess its viability. If it is not viable, we'll let you know promptly.
  • If it does meet our criteria we will arrange a site visit and make a further assessment.

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