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For love of water

20 February 2012

Pick n Pay is all for conserving our most precious commodity ‐ water. Are you doing your bit?

Water is systemic. It’s integrally used in all we do, and it’s not just what we see coming out of our taps. Water is used to grow and process our food, to generate electricity, to make our cars, to build our homes and our cities, and it’s even needed to package and transport the products we buy.

We simply can’t live without clean water. It truly is vital to our individual and collective wellbeing. Water is our lifeblood. And while we are the problem, we're also the solution.

The focus of National Water Week from 5 to 11 March, and World Water Day on 22 March, is to educate all of us about water’s important role in social and economic development. National Water Week, convened by the Department of Water Affairs, also aims to shift our attitude towards greater care and awareness of this incredible resource. The theme of World Water Day is “Water and Food Security”.

Pick n Pay is once again allying our support and participation in the FLOW (For Love of Water) movement. FLOW consists of a community of people – from government departments, corporates, media and educators to private citizens – who share a mutual concern for water issues in our country.

The movement is committed to fostering respect and appreciation for water, ensuring access to safe and clean water for all, supporting awareness and education campaigns, and unifying society through their work – the essence of which is captured in the talk by FLOW's founding member Justin Friedman below:

For love of water… share your story and your inspiration for change – no matter how big or how small. It all counts in creating the change we want to see. Visit www.facebook.com/picknpay to make your voice heard.

There’s a lot you can do around the home in support of water awareness. Here are a few fun tips, courtesy of www.flow.org.za:

  • Sleep less… wake up earlier to water your garden.
  • Be a drip… don’t spray your plants.
  • Don’t kick the bucket… use it to water your plants.
  • Go bos with waterwise fynbos.
  • Exercise more… sweep with a broom; don’t hose dirt away.
  • Don’t panic – plant an organic veggie garden.
  • Go with the flow… fit a water-efficient shower head.
  • Have fun… bath with a good-looking friend.
  • Audition for Idols… shower for no more than 4 minutes. 
  • Take a cold shower – it makes for an invigorating start to the day.

PS: Go to , take a water-saving pledge, and share it via Facebook or Twitter. This way, you can help spread the word and save fresh water! 

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