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Loving sustainably this February

08 January 2015

February is the month of love, but there is more than just romantic love to celebrate this month.

Loving Sustainably


  • Love and protect biodiversity! Pick n Pay is the retail partner of the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN). Biodiversity refers to all natural resources such as soil and water, but also includes all the animals, insects and plants in the world. The Endangered Wildlife Trust developed the NBBN to help businesses learn about biodiversity and include thinking about biodiversity in their business plans and operations.
  • Reduce carbon emissions: increasing the amount of large scale solar plants, which use the sun’s rays to generate electricity; as well as the number of wind farm projects, which use the wind to generate electricity, can help us to reduce our dependence on coal to generate electricity.
  • Plant trees: They remove carbon from the atmosphere, help reduce soil erosion and create help to support biodiversity, by creating an environment where animals and birds can live and prosper.

Love your HOME

  • Recycle! Recycling at home helps to preserve natural resources. Plastic PET bottles can be recycled into many things, including new bottles and can even be made into polyester fibres for use in clothing. Pick n Pay has recycling points for batteries, light bulbs, ink cartidges, plastic bags and packaging in store. Find out if your local Pick n Pay branch has this service.
  • Compost at home! This has amazing benefits, not only for our gardens, but also for the environment as a whole. Composting at home can reduce toxins in the soil and also pollution, because it keeps organic matter out of landfills, thereby reducing methane production, which can harm the environment.
  • Grow your own food! Plant a food garden at home. It’s a lovely family activity that will teach everyone more about where our food comes from. It’s also free of pesticides! 

Love your OFFICE

  • Reduce electricity usage! Make use of natural lighting, use blinds in summer instead of air conditioning and turn off any equipment when you go home. Ask the last person to leave the office to also switch off the lights.
  • Use recycled paper! Using recycled paper reduces the amount of trees that have to be cut down to make new paper, while also saving large amounts of energy and water.
  • Carpool, bike or walk to work! This reduces money spent on petrol, reduces your carbon footprint and, as a bonus, reduces traffic congestion.
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