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Stash your trash

06 February 2012

Pick n Pay is keeping the wheels of environmental awareness firmly in motion.

As part of our ongoing commitment to a sustainable planet, Pick n Pay will be implementing the Stash Your Trash initiative at this year’s Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour on 11 March.

The innovation is one of the latest green developments in the now legendary race’s history, being the first of its kind to adopt a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan in its planning.

Every year, cleanup teams are faced with an estimated 70,000 used and unused energy gel sachets left strewn across the length of the spectacular Western Cape peninsular. The sweet manna attracts droves of Chacma baboons, constituting a considerable hazard to themselves and race participants. Not only is the foreign substance toxic to their systems, the high numbers of baboons are an unnecessary and precarious menace for cyclists and the public alike.

Taking place as it does through a National Park and World Heritage site, Stash Your Trash is a vital addition to the event. The campaign will be motivating cyclists to retain their litter and deposit it into strategically stationed bins along the picturesque route. Lucky draws and giveaways will sweeten an already compelling incentive for environmentally responsible competition.

Green machine

The coinciding of innovative counter measures like Stash Your Trash and the activity of cycling is no coincidence. Pedal propulsion is one of the greenest modes of transport available, with the potential to dramatically offset carbon emissions ravaging the ozone. Greenhouse gases produced by vehicular traffic are one of the major culprits of environmental degradation. Add to this air pollution, climate change, congestion and economic dependence and you have a convincing case for the bicycle.

Considering that most of our most frequent commutes are relatively short in distance, getting on the saddle is not as impractical as it might at first sound. Bicycling to work or the shops is also a superb way to incorporate some exercise and fresh air into your everyday routine, and will afford you the extra time you would have spent inside the gym.

Lend your efforts to this year’s Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour by helping to promote the environmental concerns associated with the event. Spread the good intentions and don’t be shy to politely ask race-day viewers to keep their trash off the roads and out of the baboons’ hands.

If you know someone participating in the race, make sure they know about the campaign and its motivations. Lighten the post-race cleanup operations by making an effort to look after a small area of the route, even if it’s just where your family and friends have assembled to watch. Most importantly, enjoy making a positive change!

Will you be racing this year? Visit www.cycletour.co.za for more information.

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