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Time to Spring Clean SA!

12 September 2018

Let's keep South Africa clean and green! It's easy with Clean-Up SA Week and Recycling Day to rally the masses.

Mother Nature is about to paint her outdoor canvas with delicate blooms – why let the beauty of the season be sullied by litter? It’s time for a national spring clean again. Clean-Up SA Week is right around the corner.

Clean-Up Week SA Recycling Day

From 10 to 16 September 2018, South Africans all across the country will be honouring its lovely landscape – beach, river, marine and land - with a coast-to-coast clean-up.

That’s right! If your home needs the occasional clean-me-up, you can imagine what a place that houses more than 50 million people needs.

But the amount we need to clean up will be less if we remember to recycle.

That’s why, on 15 September, as part of Clean-Up SA Week, it’s Recycling Day – to remind us all to reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycling Day encourages us to recycle things that don’t have to be binned and buy products made with recycled material.


Keep it clean with Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay understands how recycling can be a challenge for the average South African. With the lack of infrastructure, those who want to recycle have to hire a curbside collection service or physically transport their recyclable goods to a municipal drop-off point or buy-back centre. We feel your pain!

That’s why we’re making it a bit easier for you to get to the greener side of life.

While you still have to separate your recyclables from your rubbish, Pick n Pay has made it easier to dispose of them. Look out for our in-store recycling bins placed at the front of the store for your convenience. Simply drop off your batteries, plastic containers, ink cartridges and CFL light bulbs before you do your shopping.

Pick n Pay diverted 54.3% of store waste, amounting to 18 338 tonnes from landfill in its last financial year. Make Recycling Day (and every day) a chance to do your bit, too.

Pick n Pay is also a proud sponsor of Clean-Up SA events countrywide, providing volunteer cleaners (like you) with plastic refuse bags..

Let's make this year the biggest Clean-Up SA ever did see!

For more information on a clean-up in your area, consult the schedule on the http://cleanupandrecycle.co.za/clean-up-events/  or contact John.kieser@plasticssa.co.za.

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