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Shopping list of healthier choices

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This list is a summary of the lower fat, higher fibre products that are available from most Pick n Pay stores.

Breakfast cereals

Whole wheat Pronutro, original and apple bake flavours

Bran flakes, high fibre bran, shredded bran

Oat bran, raw

Oats porridge –all brands cooked in milk

Raw oats-based mueslis

Cooked starches

Baby potatoes, sweet potatoes

Whole wheat pasta

Brown rice

Mealies / sweetcorn

Bread and biscuits

100% rye crackers and bread

Seed loaf and low GI wholegrain breads


Plain digestive biscuits

Ouma Nutri-rusks

Vegetables, fruit and legumes

All fresh and frozen vegetables

Pickled gherkins, onions and beetroot

Canned tomato and asparagus

Dried fruit bars and rolls without sugar

Canned or dried beans, lentils and chickpeas

Baked beans in tomato sauce


Fat free milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese

Ricotta cheese

Reduced fat feta cheese

Low fat cheese wedges

Meat, fish, chicken, eggs

Lean beef, pork and chicken, trimmed of all fat and skin


Bacon and cold meats – trimmed of all fat


Fish, without batter

Tuna in brine

Soya products

Omega 3 rich fish, eat 2-3 times every week

Pilchards and sardines

Mackerel and herring

Salmon - smoked, canned and frozen fillets

Fats and oils

Olive / canola / avocado oil


Unsalted nuts

Olives and olive paste

Peanut butter


Flora tub margarines

Low oil dressings and reduced oil salad cream

Spreads and snacks

PnP reduced fat hummus

PnP low fat tzatziki

Popcorn kernels

Lean biltong

Cool drinks

Brook’s low calorie cordials

Diet sugar free cool drinks

100% fruit juice diluted with water 

This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. For more information please contact Pick n Pay Health Hotline on 0800 11 22 88 or healthhotline@pnp.co.za

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