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10 best ever cleaning tips

10 best ever cleaning tips

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Tired of feeling like Cinderella? We bring you 10 of the best cleaning tips to wipe away your worries!

Terrific tipple

It may not be the most conventional cleaning liquid, but vodka has been known to disinfect jewellery and bring back its original shine, especially on hard stones such as diamonds.

Pour a little vodka into a dish and swish your treasured piece back and forth for about 30 seconds; then take it out and wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth. Try soaking it for a while and scrubbing it with a toothbrush if the dirt still sticks.

A cut above the rest

Unfortunately, regular detergent and warm water won’t succeed in getting tough stains out of a wooden cutting board. Pour over some lemon juice and let it soak in for a few seconds before washing the board with a sponge.

Mirror, mirror….

All steamed up after a hot shower? Wipe a cloth that’s been dabbed with shaving cream or dishwashing soap over the mirror to keep the steamy fog at bay. Also keep a small container of baking soda in your bathroom cabinet – it will get rid of watermarks without leaving streaks behind.

Microwave magic

If it looks as if a bomb has exploded in your microwave, don’t panic. Simply pour 4 Tbsp of lemon juice in a microwave-safe cup that’s been filled with water. Boil for five minutes in the microwave, allowing the steam to condense on the inside walls; then wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth. So easy!

A warm welcome

A clean front door will give visitors a positive impression of your home (without them even realising it!). Along with the upper side of a ceiling fan, the top of the door is one of the most missed spots in the home. When expecting visitors, wipe doors from top to bottom using a cloth and soapy water, or scrub tough spots with a brush.

This one’s for the moms

Remove crayon marks from painted walls by scrubbing with toothpaste or an ammonia-soaked cloth. Rinse and dry (and invest in a few large sheets of paper for the nursery!).

No more wallpaper woes

Has Johnny tackled a prized strip of wallpaper? Use a slice of rye bread to wipe away pencil marks and non-greasy spots off non-washable wallpaper. For general dusting, tie a dust cloth over the end of a broom and work from the top to the bottom of the wall. 

The forgotten ones

Always disinfect taps, doorknobs, telephone handsets, bannisters and handrails in your home. They collect germs from every hand that touches them.

Sprayed brooms sweep clean

Spray your broom with your favourite furniture polish before sweeping to collect dust and dirt more efficiently.

Homemade Brasso

Mix 125ml vinegar with a teaspoon of salt for an excellent copper and brass cleaner.


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