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6 ways with porcini mushrooms

6 ways with porcini mushrooms

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Porcini mushrooms should have a deep, 'forest-like' aroma. The less fragrance they have, the less flavourful they'll be. Remove them from their packaging and store in brown paper bags.

  • Mushrooms on toast
    Sauté crushed garlic, chopped thyme and sliced porcini until golden. Season. Serve with toast and ricotta cheese or scrambled egg.

  • Chilli mushroom pasta
    Fry diced bacon, porcini with a handful of cocktail tomatoes and a pinch of crushed chilli flakes. Add a dash of stock and simmer until soft. Serve tossed through pasta with chopped parsley.

  • Thai mushroom curry
    Sauté chopped mushrooms, baby marrows and a handful of mangetout. Add a spoonful of Thai paste, thinly sliced garlic cloves and grated ginger. Add a glug of stock and coconut milk. Simmer for a couple of minutes. Add a dash of fish sauce, chopped coriander and serve tossed through rice noodles.

  • Creamy mushroom sauce
    Sauté chopped mushrooms and season. Add chopped oreganum and a dash of wine, brandy or stock. Add a glug of cream and continue to simmer until a thick sauce has formed.

  • Chargrilled vegetables
    Thickly slice mushrooms, brinjals and baby marrows. Brush with oil and season. Grill on both sides until golden and cooked through. Serve tossed through rocket and scattered with parmesan shavings.

  • Quick stroganoff
    Sauté sliced onion and crushed garlic in a pan until soft. Add strips of beef and fry until well seared. Add chopped mushrooms and a dash of brandy and season. Add a glug of cream and simmer until thickened. Serve with rice, pasta or mashed potato.


Images courtesy of Fresh Living magazine

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Current rating: 3 from 2 votes.
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