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Looking to spice up the bedroom? Stir a few of these ingredients into your Valentine's meal.

Besides being long, slim and sexy, and adding a sense of occasion to a meal, asparagus is rich in vitamin E, which is thought to stimulate sex hormones. Cut off the thick, woody stems, blanch the spears and serve with a hollandaise or béarnaise sauce.

Or, try serving them with indulgent parma ham and parmesan dressing.

The voluptuous shape of the avocado has played a role in its dubbing as an aphrodisiac. Its high levels of vitamin E (also known as the sex vitamin) could also help keep the fire burning as it helps maintain youthful vigour and high energy levels.

Add some avo-va-voom with a warm chicken, orange, avocado and olive salad.

These phallic-shaped fruits contain bromelain, an enzyme believed to cause testosterone production and, thus, enhance the male libido. The fruit's B vitamins help boost energy levels, too.

Try them caramelised on a tart.

Chilli pepper:
Rich in vitamin C, chillies get their heat from capsaicin, a chemical that stimulates nerve endings and increases your pulse rate. Spice up your dishes, and your life, with a little chilli.

Turn up the heat with a homemade harissa paste.

Our love for chocolate is really a chemical thing. When we eat it, it triggers our brains to produce serotonin, the feel good hormone. No wonder we gravitate to this treat.

Entice with strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce.

A symbol of fertility and a valuable food source, eggs are a vital ingredient in homemade mayonnaise... and breakfast in bed.

Awaken your raunchy side with parmesan baked eggs and anchovy toast.

The fig represents sexuality with its ripe fruit and seeds symoblising fertility. These fruits are purple too – a colour associated with sexual frustration.

Feed each other perfect little mouthfuls of fig and custard tartlets.

A sweet, viscous liquid made from the nectar of flowers, honey is said to have been offered by the Egyptians to their fertility god Min. In some cultures, it’s used as part of a wedding ceremony.

Drizzle some over these bite-sized honey-infused ricotta doughnuts.

Fresh fruit is packed with vitamins, which help detox the body. Serve freshly squeezed orange juice in long, elegant glasses topped with sparkling wine.

This virgin island cocktail features a trio of juices - pineapple, orange and lemon.

Possibly the most of erotic foods, oysters are said to be packed with zinc – a mineral that’s vital for reproduction. For a romantic starter, serve shucked oysters with cracked pepper, lemon wedges and Tabasco.

Get the best of both worlds in this oyster tempura with chilli and lime dressing.

First named pommes d’amour or ‘love apples’, tomatoes are packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps keep our bodies healthy. Slice, dice or roast them – they’re an easy way to add something colourful and healthy to your meal.

Try them on a bruschetta as a tomato salad with roasted garlic and olives.

Vanilla, which comes from the vanilla pod, has been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries. It’s delicious when added to bakes and desserts – and sensational in hot chocolate.

Succumb to the temptation of vanilla in Eve's pudding.

This fruit contains citrulline (in its flesh, but mostly in the rind), which relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation - the same thing Viagra does.

Get a double dose of aphrodisiac in a prawn and mixed-leaf salad with spicy watermelon salsa.

Images courtesy of Fresh Living magazine

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Current rating: 4 from 1 votes.
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