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Brilliant baby shower tips

Brilliant baby shower tips

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Stuck on ideas for a sensational baby shower? With these fab tips, your hosting worries are a thing of the past.

Take it outside

Keep the season in mind when setting a date for the baby shower. Serving a range of refreshing iced teas in floral cups and substituting tiny ice cubes for sugar cubes makes for a fun Mad Hatter-style party in a park or garden. Add bunting, pretty cakes and bites, a polka-dot tablecloth and a few small flower bouquets to set the tone.

Add variety

Go for a variety of nibbles if you’re not sure what your guests’ specific dietary needs are. Setting the table with a few vegetarian snacks is a great way to cover your bases. There should also be a balance between sweet and savoury snacks. And make sure you’ve got enough tea, coffee, juice, water and bubbly on hand!

Adorable accessories

For the ultimate cute factor, accompany your cocktail snacks with mini accessories. Hang cut-outs of baby-sized socks and tops on a clothing line and use baby bottles for condiments like tomato sauce and mustard. Fold a napkin in the shape of a diaper around the bottom of a bottle of bubbly or let a few rubber duckies float gently in the bowl of non-alcoholic punch. 

Cute faces, wise words

Include a request for baby photos in the invitations you send out prior to the baby shower. On the day of the shower, have an empty writing book, scissors and glue stick ready near the entrance of your venue. Then, as the guests arrive, ask each one to stick down their baby picture and jot down a word of advice or an encouraging quote underneath. This becomes a sweet memento that the expecting mom can take home after the party. 

Tummy talk

Break the ice with this fun game: Print out photos and make nametags for celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum (one for each guest). Pin each picture on the backs of the guests as they arrive. Everyone will then have to guess the name of their celebrity mom by asking each other questions with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Once a guest has uncovered the identity of her celeb, she receives a small gift and her respective nametag, and is called by that name for the duration of the shower. 

Goodbye gifts

Moms-to-be deserve special attention, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t let guests leave with a small token of appreciation. After all, they arrived early and brought gifts. Pipe “Yeah, baby!” or other fun baby-themed messages in icing on cupcakes for a sweet takeaway treat.


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