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Festive fowl

Festive fowl

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Want to serve a golden, lip-smackingly luscious turkey? Here's what you need to know...

  • As a guideline, roast your stuffed turkey for 20 minutes, and then for 35-40 minutes per kilogram. 
  • A 5.5kg turkey feeds 10-12 people.
  • To prevent your turkey from drying out, bring the bird to room temperature before cooking and baste it throughout the cooking process.
  • To ensure your meat is moist, remember to rest your turkey for 30-60 minutes before serving.
  • Why not cook your turkey on the braai this year? A kettle braai is a superb way to ensure your turkey stays moist and has a delicious smoky flavour.

Happy marriages

  • Turkey loves cranberry jelly – spice yours up with black pepper or a hint of chilli.
  • Try basting your turkey with a sherry butter glaze (1/2 cup each sherry and butter mixed with 1/4 tsp each dried rosemary, sage and paprika)
  • Take the stress out of stuffing your chicken or turkey by using PnP Sage & Onion Stuffing – simply mix it according to packet instructions.

Did you know?

  • Originally from North America, turkeys were introduced to Europe by the Spanish. 
  • Traditional Christmas stuffings include chestnuts (UK), berries (Greece) and bread and sage (France).
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Current rating: 5 from 1 votes.
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