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Fun kids craft

Fun kids craft

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Some creative ideas to keep the children busy and happy this festive season.

1. Advent calendar
Make your own advent calendar with ribbons and tiny envelopes. Decorate each envelope with scrapbook paper, ribbons and buttons. Put a special message, chocolate coin or small gift (stickers or stick-on tattoos) in each envelope. Hang ribbons on a door and attach envelopes to them with small pegs.

2. Christmas crackers
Cut a sheet of scrapbook paper in half. Measure a 4cm column, 5cm in from each of the short sides, and cut horizontal slits, 5mm apart, in each column. Score the paper on either side of each column and in the middle (so that it bends when you tie ribbon around the ends). Place a funky plastic ring, a bottle of glittery red nail polish or cellophane wrapped chocolate fudge in the middle of the paper, fold and stick with double-sided tape or glue. Tie ribbons around the slitted section, and decorate with buttons.

3. Finger puppets
These are fun to make and play with! Using felt and clear glue, make a finger-shaped tube. Cut a felt circle to make a face and stick it onto the top of the tube. Stick on felt cut-outs, buttons and ribbon to make eyes, a nose, eyebrows and other features.

4. Felt cases
Make a simple case for cellphones, cameras, sunglasses or MP3 players from felt and embroidery thread. Decorate it with ribbons and buttons.

Step by Step Instructions

Advent calendar
Christmas crackers
Finger puppets
Felt cases

Images courtesy of Fresh Living magazine

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Current rating: 4.5 from 2 votes.
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