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Get cracking

Get cracking

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Whether for Easter or just for everyday fun, here are some fun ways to give new life to a boiled egg!

1. Candy girl
A simple yet effective way to decorate eggs is to stick cake confetti on them with icing sugar. Pick n Pay has a great selection of cake confetti in the baking accessories aisle. To make the ears, cut long bunny ear shapes from some pieces of pink and white felt. Then attach to a fabric Alice band using needle and thread.

2. Dye hard
Use hard-boiled eggs and make sure they are dry. Place fun stickers on the shells, then make a solution of water and food colouring of your choice. Dip the eggs into the solution and let them soak for a few minutes. Remove the stickers once the eggs are dry. Voilà! Happy patterns.

3. Cracking up
To make thesefabulously simple eggshelltea lights, just keep all your eggshells and pop a tea light candle inside each one. For an even more authentic homemade look, secure a wick in the middle of each half eggshell and melt wax over the wick, leaving the end uncovered for lighting.

4. Hat trick
Cut small pirate-style triangular hat shapes from felt. Sew two halves together, folding the bottom edge for the hat rim. For an interesting touch, try decorating the hats with fancy buttons, beads or sequins, or embroidering them with children’s names or perhaps the outline of a cute little bunny.

Step by Step Instructions

Candy girl
Dye hard
Cracking up
Hat trick

Images courtesy of Fresh Living magazine

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Current rating: 4 from 1 votes.
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