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Handmade Valentine's ideas

Handmade Valentine's ideas

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In a commercial world where you can buy just about anything, handmade gifts are making a comeback.

There’s something about a gift that someone hasn't only had to think about, but put time and energy into making that makes it extra-special.

Making a Valentine's gift doesn’t need to take hours and days – with a few ideas and a little effort, you can have something perfectly unique.

Here’s some inspiration:

  • Heart-shaped biscuits
    Baking biscuits isn’t too difficult if you have the right recipe and some handy heart-shaped cookie cutters. This also won’t take too long and you can ice each cookie individually. The bonus of baking is that you get to enjoy the gift too! Get our heart-shaped biscuit recipe here.
  • Surprise box
    Take an old shoebox and decorate it in cute or funny Valentine's paper. Fill the box with little things that will mean a lot to your partner – a shell you picked up on your last holiday or some scented bubble bath, a bottle of wine and chocolate, and some sweet Valentine’s goodies.
  • ‘Why I love you’ scrapbook
    This will take a little time but is really special. Take a book and decorate the cover. Fill the book with photos of the two of you and pictures of places you have been or would like to go. Stick things in that are meaningful to both of you.
  • Handmade chocolates
    Making chocolate shapes is so easy; all you need are the chocolate moulds that aren’t expensive. You can buy cooking chocolate or even use regular chocolate. Just be careful when you melt it, as it can burn quite quickly. Pour the molten goodness into the moulds and refrigerate until they're hard. Then package them with love, and enjoy! Search for chocolate inspiration here.
  • Love coupon book
    You can get really creative with this – not just in the coupon design, but also with what the coupon is for. Common coupons are for a back massage or foot rub, which can be redeemed by the holder. 
  • Handmade heart pillow
    This doesn’t even require a sewing machine - you can make these by hand. All you need is a needle and thread, some material and stuffing. Just cut out two heart shapes and sew them together, leaving an opening in which to put the stuffing. 

There you have it – easy and meaningful ways to wish your Valentine a happy day of love. 

Image: Magpies Laundry

Images courtesy of Fresh Living magazine

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Current rating: 5 from 1 votes.
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