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Interesting Valentine's date ideas

Interesting Valentine's date ideas

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Looking for something unique to do this Valentine's Day? Look no further!

This year, why not surprise your partner with something new and exciting to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Here are a few ideas to help you think out of the box:

Pack a picnic basket complete with bottle of bubbly and chocolate, and go somewhere beautiful. This could be the beach, a park, a botanical garden or even a look-out point over a city. Your very own garden can also be turned into a magical space with some candles and cushions.

This sounds a bit geeky, but imagine sitting in a dark, cool space looking up at thousands of stars, holding hands, watching the world spin around you. Sounds pretty romantic, actually...

Dance lessons
Go for a tango or salsa lesson with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Dance lessons have you standing really close and learning how each other’s bodies move, plus you’re learning a new skill and it can be really fun.

Sushi or chocolate-making classes
This will require some concentration, but you get to eat what you make at the end of the class – and if it’s on Valentine’s Day nobody will object if you bring a bottle of MCC along! Check out the classes available at the Good Food Studio in Cape Town and Joburg here.

Couples spa treatment
Even if you just have a couple’s foot massage, you will be doing something that feels really good together. Some spas have specials that include covering each other in mud, showering in a room that sprays from all directions and then lounging in a spa bath afterwards.

Get out of town
Getting away for a weekend can do wonders for your soul and is quite rejuvenating as long as you don’t go too far. Hot springs or going to a cottage that has no electricity can bring a whole new dimension to your weekend away. 

Valentine’s Day can be overrated and a cliché, but if you make it into something unique and special, you could spark a new tradition that will keep you away from all the insincere hype. So get creative!

Image: Donna Grayson

Images courtesy of Fresh Living magazine

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Current rating: 5 from 1 votes.
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