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Napkin know-how

Napkin know-how

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Use festive paper ‐ gold-leafed, pink or red, whichever you prefer. Scour the Chinese shops and the stationery section of your local Pick n Pay, where you will also find assorted pretty ribbons. Roll the napkin while rolling the paper around it, until it resembles a cheery Christmas cracker.


1. Name it

Fold the napkin lengthways, then double it over. Buy ‘letter beads’ from your local bead shop to spell out your dinner guests’ names, and thread them through a thin piece of string. Cinch in at the ‘waist’ of the napkin.


2. Spoon it

Cut a piece of fabric band and attach it to the napkin using double-sided tape (if you’re like us and are too lazy to sew!). Fold the napkin into a rectangle and slip in the spoon.


3. Bead it

String a few pretty beads and lucky charms together or take an old necklace and wrap it around the napkin. The napkin is simply rolled and you create a tight ‘waist’ using the necklace of beads. Fan out the bottom of the napkin to make it look like an A-line skirt.


4. Knot it

Create a dramatic bow-tie by tying a thick knot in a brightly-coloured napkin.


5. Pleat it

Concertina fold the napkin, creating three pleats by making three simple fan-like folds. Pull out the bottom corner to create the fan effect, after securing it with string or ribbon. Then, simply slide the spoon underneath.

Step by Step Instructions

Name it
Spoon it
Bead it
Knot it
Pleat it
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Current rating: 5 from 1 votes.
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