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Pack the perfect lunchbox

Pack the perfect lunchbox

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A new year, a new class ‐ maybe even a new school. Make sure your kids get all the healthy snacks they need.

Pick n Pay dietician Teresa Harris offers some useful tips for packing great lunchboxes:

  • Some lunches can be prepared the night before. Pasta salads, sandwich fillings, coleslaw or something from last night’s dinner (e.g. chicken kebabs) make for fabulous playtime fare.
  • Try to resist your kids’ demands for high-fat snacks and fizzy cold drinks. If your child likes crisps, put some in a small bag or wrap some crisps in foil.
  • Buy a sturdy plastic container that’s big enough for the food you’d like to pack, so it doesn’t get squashed.
  • Make sure you pack snacks from different food groups. This will ensure your child enjoys a well-balanced meal.
  • Most children will leave food that takes a lot of effort to eat, as they want to quickly refuel before they play. Peel naartjies and cover them with clingwrap, cut kiwi fruit in half or make colourful skewers with bite sized-pieces of fruit.
  • Water is still the best drink to include in your child’s lunchbox. Freeze the bottle overnight – this will give little one cold water throughout a hot summer day. Bottled sparkling water is a treat for children, but be careful not to include the flavoured varieties.
  • Flavoured milks are also healthy and make for great pre-sport drinks.
  • Add a personal touch. Tuck a surprise like a note or a few fun stickers in your child's lunchbox or hide a special treat at the bottom. Pack fun napkins, draw a face on a banana with a marker pen, or cut sandwiches into novelty shapes using cookie cutters.
  • Get your children involved in the kitchen over weekends, making things like muffins or crunchies, which they can then take to school the following week.
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Current rating: 1 from 1 votes.
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