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Memory chests? Facebook? What's that? Fresh Living shows you how to get cracking with some scrapping good ideas...

Household tip type: Stationery


1. Shadow boxing

Clean out your memory box and make a shadow box with souvenirs from your travels.
You will need: A box of any size, your holiday photos/mementoes, glue, and  double-sided tape.

  • Choose the items you want inside the box and use travel photographs, or in this case, a map of the area as a background.
  • To create an interesting effect, paste an item or a picture on a piece of cardboard and use thick double-sided tape to attach it to the box. This will make it stand out  from the background, creating a wonderful 3D effect.


2. Concertina diary

This diary can be used as a memory bank or as a visual record of a holiday.
You will need: Any old book, like a school exercise book or diary.

  • Take the front and back covers off the book and replace the pages with thick folded art paper.
  • Use the pages on both sides to paste in your favourite photos.


3. Paper cuts

How to create a picture using paper:
You will need: Paper in assorted colours, tracing paper, scissors, glue, a picture frame and a pencil.

  • If you don’t want to take the picture to a framer, buy a frame from Pick n Pay first, because this will determine the size of your picture.
  • Decide on a colour scheme. Pick n Pay has a great variety of coloured and patterned papers.
  • Now cut your design up into pieces and paste these bits onto the coloured paper.
  • Cut your paper and glue everything onto the background paper. Now frame your picture!


4. Envelope it

Make an envelope book to store all your scrapbooking stickers, stamps and photos.
You will need: Any size or colour envelopes and ribbon.

  • Use thin double-sided tape to join the envelopes at the bottom and ribbon to hide the tape.
  • Use scalloped, coloured paper on the insides of the book.

Step by Step Instructions

Shadow boxing
Concertina diary
Paper cuts
Envelope it

Images courtesy of Fresh Living magazine

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Current rating: 3.3 from 3 votes.
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