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Seasonal shopper's guide

Seasonal shopper's guide

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We all want to get everything done with the least amount of effort, and in the least amount of time ‐ and to avoid irksome extra shopping trips, not to mention finding parking! Don't stress, our foolproof guide to stress-free Christmas shopping will keep you sane…

  • Write a shopping list: Spend some quiet time in a peaceful environment and jot down the list of people you need to buy gifts for – from family and friends to work colleagues. Allocate a budget for each person and be stringent! Calculate the total amount and withdraw the cash – this will help to prevent you from overspending, and from forgetting gifts. 
  • Early to bed: Avoid having a late night and limit your drinks the night before you head to the shops as feeling under the weather will spoil your entire shopping experience. Get up at the crack of dawn and hit the malls the moment their doors open.
  • Keep on track: Park your car as close to the entrance as possible and write down the floor or parking bay number on your ticket. It won’t be fun trying to find your car once you’ve packed in a marathon session with a trolley full of gifts!
  • Get comfy: Be sure to step out in casual clothing and shoes on your day of gift shopping. If you’re in pumps (rather than teetering on sky-high stilettos), you’ll be less inclined to make bad or expensive shopping decisions.
  • Hit the ground running: Eat a low-GI breakfast before you head out. An energy sustaining meal will strengthen your resolve, keep you patient and motivate you to find great gifts. Also pack a bottle of water and a bag of snacks – like almonds – for a quick pick-me-up when you need it most.
  • Reward yourself: Shop at stores that offer a reward system, like Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper – you’ll be oh-so grateful for cash-back rewards come January! 
  • It’s a wrap: During the festive season, most shopping centres host charities that offer gift-wrapping services for a small fee. Utilise these great initiatives and your gifts will be ready to go straight under the tree in a flash.
  • Support each other: Start a shopping club by gathering a group of your friends – and make a babysitting or playgroup calendar. Allocate a date and time when each of you can head to the shops – kid-free. 
  •  Research: Have a look at Christmas catalogues and specials before heading to the shops, because by buying in bulk and taking advantage of festive bargains, you can saves heaps of cash – and spend less time traipsing up and down the aisles to boot.
  • Shop online: Still one of the best ways to eliminate the busy shops and long queues altogether is to head to www.pnponline.co.za. It’s the perfect solution for grocery and gift shopping, allowing you to pick and choose everything you need from the comfort of your home – which means no traffic jams, parking headaches or impulse buying. 
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