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Training tips: 1 week to go

Training tips: 1 week to go

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Not sure how much riding to do the week before your race? Use a taper plan!

  • For the majority of amateur riders, your normal training should stop seven to 10 days before your event and be followed by a taper period. Tapering is all about reducing the overall workload while keeping your body primed with intense efforts.
  • To peak for the big event, reduce the amount of training you do the week before but maintain or increase the intensity. Presuming you've trained hard up until the week before the race, rest will help you perform better and some mid-week intensity will keep your legs revved up and ready to throw down on race day.
  • Continue to ride. Don’t simply lie on the couch to rest. Regardless of what you do in the week before, do something. The worst thing you can do is take the entire week off.
  • Reduce your mileage. Although you want to continue riding, you need to cut mileage substantially to get a tapering effect. About a week before the race, cut your average mileage by about two thirds.
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