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Training tips: 4 weeks to go

Training tips: 4 weeks to go

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One month to go! Get ready with these training tips.

Veteran cyclists probably know the preparation routine backwards, but for people new to the sport, a grand event like this can be daunting.

Here are some checklists to help newcomers get ready for race day:

  • Have your bicycle serviced at a trusted bike shop. This gives you time to “ride in” all the new accessories they may have added and identify and sort out any last niggles on the bicycle.
  • Have yourself tuned up too. Have any back, neck, knee or ankle problems that have been bothering you checked out by a specialist. Don’t leave it to the week before the race! 
  • If you haven’t decided on your race-day outfit, do so now. If you're buying new clothes or gear, make sure to wear them on a couple of rides before the race to prevent unnecessary discomfort on the day.    
  • Start practising your race-day nutrition strategy so that by the time the race arrives, you know what works for you.
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