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Training tips: the day before

Training tips: the day before

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Tomorrow is the big day. Should you exercise or rest? Find out!

  • If you haven’t collected your race number and goodie bag yet, do it now.
  • Do your last training ride on Saturday. This is just aimed at loosening your leg muscles and prepare them for the race, so make sure it’s an easy ride with about 3 to 4 short sprints of about 2 minutes in duration and 5 minutes recovery between them. Any hard training today will do more harm than good.
  • Double check your bike to make sure everything is ready, and lay out your clothes for the next day. Also set your alarm to ensure you get to the starting line in time.
  • Prepare your drinks for the race, and refrigerate. You can even freeze a bottle of water or energy drink. It will thaw during the ride, and midway through you will have a nice cool drink to see you through the rest of the race.
  • A good supper, high in carbohydrates can help you build stores of energy for the race, but be careful not to overeat, and don’t try any new dishes that may upset your stomach. An alcoholic drink may help to calm the nerves, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll regret it the next day on the bicycle.
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Current rating: 1 from 2 votes.
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