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Travelling with tiny tots

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Going on holiday with a baby for the first time can seem overwhelming, but with preparation and planning it's a cinch.

The new addition to your family may want to make you hibernate at home where things are familiar, organised and baby friendly. But parents –especially new ones – shouldn’t shy away from piling into a car or onto a plane to get some much-needed R and R. Enjoyable journeys with a tiny tot are entirely possible when you follow these travel-savvy tips.

When to go

Most airlines prefer babies to be at least two days old, but after that, it's up to you. Travelling while your kiddo is still very young has its perks: small babies are portable and usually don’t mind being ferried about in their pram or sleeping in a camp cot. The older they are, the more mobile they become, which brings its own set of challenges. 

What to take

You don’t need the kitchen sink! Limit clothing to essentials and find out if you can buy your usual formula and nappies at your final destination to save space. An easily accessible bag or carry-on is essential. This should contain a few favourite toys, wipes, nappies, bum cream and a receiving blanket to keep baby warm or block out the light. If you’re flying, a sling or baby carrier is a handy, hands-free way to lull your little one to sleep.

Safety measures

Experts endorse rear-facing car seats as they provide the best protection for infants six months and under. Ensure the seat is suitable for your child’s weight and size, and has been installed properly. Never place it in the front seat of a car with a passenger air bag. Use removable window shades to shield your baby’s delicate skin and eyes from the sun. Pack a first-aid kit with pediatric paracetamol for easing fevers, saline nose drops for stuffy noses, and teething gel. 

Food on the move

Breastfeeding is best when travelling as you don't need to pack any equipment. If you’re formula feeding, bring along a flask of boiled water with measured portions of formula powder so it’s easy to make a feed when your baby wants one. When flying, feed your baby on take off and landing to ease any earache. 

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