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Unleash your kids' inner creativity

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Beat the school holiday boredom blues ‐ and chilly weather ‐ with these indoors antics. Your kids will love 'em, and so will you!

Set up camp

Most kids love camping. Dodge the cold winter weather by setting up camp in your lounge for a night.
Haul out your sleeping bags, light the fire, toast marshmallows and tell fireside tales with warm mug of hot chocolate fresh off the flames.

Taste testing
Rig up a tasting platter of a variety of different foods – cheese, veggies (cooked and raw), warm beverages, juices and fizzy drinks. Blindfold players and ask them to guess the most ingredients is the taste champ.
Get a large container filled with about 5kg of rice, alphabet letters (PnP stocks a number of variations), food colouring and strawberry essence. Toss rice into the container with colouring and essence and leave to dry. Bury letters in rice and let your kids take turns to dig around to find them. Encourage them to compile words and even turn the game into a competition – the person who makes the best sentences with the words is the winner.

Finger fun

Technically a very basic lithograph, this activity is less messy than conventional painting because the paint is confined in the dish or tray – a real win for play indoors. What you’ll need is a foil pie dish or a baking tray lined with foil (spread foil out as smoothly as possible; wrinkles will show up in the painting). Pour a big blob of paint onto the middle of the tray and spread it evenly with a wide paintbrush. Let your kids draw a picture directly into the paint with their fingers.
When they’re happy with their artwork, carefully cover it with a piece of paper and smooth it over the paint. Lift the paper to see the reverse image on the page. Respread paint between images and happily paint (or unpaint!) the afternoon away.

Get philanthropic

Teach your kids the value of giving back by volunteering as a family. Not only is it good for the community, it’ll teach your tykes about teamwork, empathy and responsibility. Start by collecting toys or books for local charities. (Visit: www.charitysa.co.za) or volunteer some time to the SPCA or Food & Tree for Africa (www.trees.co.za)

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