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Low Carb Living


We've reviewed the ins and outs, and ups and downs of low-carb living, as well as other popular diets. Read through the articles below to get a better understanding of what the different diet options mean.

The low carb diet debate

Tim Noakes, an endocrinologist and a dietitian weigh in on diets for diabetes

What does research tell us?

View the leading nutrition authorities' position on LCHF diets here

Trending diets: pros and cons

We have reviewed 3 of the most popular diets here

The skinny on fat

Making sense of the controversy

Classification of fats in the diet

Understand where the different fats come from

Guidelines for fat intake

Nutrition expert recommendations regarding fat intake

The low down on low carb diets for athletes

What to consider when choosing a weight management plan
Where should I go for evidence-based nutrition information?


The South African Food-based Dietary guidelines

Learn what international nutrition experts recommend

Pick n Pay employs the services of a registered dietitian to ensure that all its communication is in line with the most recent food science and nutrition research.  Contact our registered dietitian for your food and nutrition-related queries here.

Bacon-wrapped chicken kiev with garlicky cream cheese

Baked fish with tomato and olive sauce and baby marrow 'spaghetti'

Beef stir fry with cashews and basil

Citrus and coriander roasted yellowtail

Fishcakes with butternut chips and salad

Garlic and lemon chicken with cauliflower puree

 Juicy five-spice chicken nuggets

Nasi goreng-style cauliflower fried 'rice'

Sesame-crusted fish on Thai red curry vegetables

Spinach and ricotta gnocchi with sage and nut butter

Spicy pork mince stir-fry

Garlic-and-herb-marinated pork chops with cauliflower mash

Grilled chicken breasts with fruity salsa

Low carb nut biscuits with chocolate drizzle

Salmon and watercress omelette

Chicken breasts with anchovy and lemon

Lamb curry with cauliflower rotis

Asian beef fillet

These low-carb friendly products are now available in selected PnP stores