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50 shades of green

19 March 2013

Whether you unplug your cellphone charger, grow your own vegetables or recycle plastic and glass at home, every little bit helps to save the planet.

Here are some ways you can go even greener this year… 

  • Cycle or walk instead of driving for short trips – you’re reducing your carbon footprint AND keeping fit.
  • Use reusable shopping bags instead of buying new plastic ones each time you’re at the checkout counter. Make a habit of packing them in your boot straight after unpacking the groceries. 
  • Make use of a water filter and a reusable bottle.
  • Keep it local. Buy locally produced food and products. Not only do they taste more delicious (because they’re fresh and not frozen), they don’t have to be schlepped halfway across the planet. 
  • Simplify. Get rid of everything you don’t use. Donate old clothes and electronic equipment to charities and throw away stuff that’s gathering dust in the garage or spareroom.
  • Use energy-saving lightbulbs – they last longer and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Make compost (using all raw-food waste). Not only are you reducing landfill waste, you’re also producing your own fertiliser. 
  • Grow your own veggie garden. If you live in an apartment or small, space, start with pots of basil, rocket and parsley on your windowsill.
  • Buy Fairtrade products and support companies that grow and produce goods in a humane and sustainable manner.
  • Save power. Unplug appliances such as cellphone chargers and TVs when they are not in use; dry your clothes outside rather than in an electricity-chewing tumble dryer; and install a solar heater or a heatpump to reduce electricity bills.
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