Waatlemoen konfyt

Waatlemoen konfyt

Wild watermelons are the best choice for this recipe because they have a thicker rind than the regular variety.
RECIPE TYPE:Finger food
  • Peel off hard green watermelon skin, halve fruit and scoop out pink fleshy centre.
  • Slice white rind into small bite-sized squares, prick well on both sides and weigh until about 1kg.
  • Mix lime (or bicarbonate of soda) and 4-5L water together, add rind and soak for about two days for wild watermelon and 12 -18 hours for regular watermelon.
  • Rinse rind thoroughly and soak in fresh water for two hours.
  • Drain and place pieces in boiling water. Boil uncovered until just tender.

For syrup:

  • Combine sugar, 2L water, lemon juice, salt and gingerin a saucepan over a low heat.
  • Bring to the boil as soon as sugar has dissolved.
  • Place rind in boiling syrup and boil rapidly until pieces are tender and translucent and syrup is thick.
  • Pack into sterilised jars, fill with syrup and seal immediately.
  • Serve with mature cheeses and savoury biscuits.
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