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Spell Check

In June 2008 Pick n Pay launched the first phase of Spell Check, an exciting initiative that piloted in Pretoria-based schools that aimed at getting Grade five and six learners – as well as their teachers – excited about the English language in a fun and interactive way.

Now in its third year, the campaign, which is designed along the lines of the traditional American Spelling Bee, is set to incorporate even more schools.

According to Jonathan Ackerman, Pick n Pay’s Marketing Director, the reason more schools have been incorporated is due to the overwhelming popularity of the campaign. “The schools’ buy-in to the Spell Check campaign has been incredible. Pick n Pay’s policy has always been to serve the communities in which we operate, and I firmly believe there is no better way to serve the community by raising literacy levels. The ability to read is tremendously empowering, and spelling, while only one dimension of literacy, is a obviously a significant component."

“No one should have to live with the burden of illiteracy in South Africa today, and essentially, the Pick n Pay Spell Check programme helps raise awareness of the importance of education and literacy in ways learners can relate to, which is tremendously important.”

Pick n Pay continues to be committed to providing educational platforms to the youth to help them further their skills at school, a good example of which is the hugely successful Pick n Pay Schools Club, and the Spell Check programme fits perfectly within the overarching vision of the company.