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Smart Shopper FAQ's

Who do I contact if I have any queries on Smart Shopper?

I don't have enough points to pay for my whole shop, can I use my credit/debit card or cash for the balance of my payment?

What do I do if my monetary value is about to expire?

I've lost my card and don't want my points to expire - what do I do?

I've lost my card and don't want my points to expire?

How do I spend my points with Points at Till?

How will I know if the rand value on my Smart Shopper card is about to expire?

When do my points expire?

How does it benefit me to use my points with Points at Till?

If I have switched my points to rand value on my card, will I be able to use them to pay with Points at Till?

Which points will I be able to use with Points at Till?

How does Point at Till work?

How much mobile data does it use?

Do I need to have mobile data to use the PnP mobile app?

I've forgotten my Smart Shopper card, can I still get my personal discounts?

Will I still be able to earn my Smart Shopper points?

What if my card has been blocked and replaced, do I need to do anything?

Will my personal discounts still work?

Can more than 1 person have the same virtual card?

What is the store doesn't have Wi-Fi signal?

What happens if the PnP mobile app is offline?

What happens if the Store/CRM system is offline?

What happens if my scan is successful?

How do I use the PnP mobile app for Cardless swipe?

What is the duration of Cardless swipe?

How does Cardless swipe work?

How does Cardless swipe function?

How long are my points valid for?

When were customers told points older than a year would expire?

Where did my points go?

How do I know if I have points expiring?

Why did you change the validity of points?

What are personalised discounts?

How many points do I earn now?

What is the value of points?

How do I claim my personal discounts / vouchers?

How do I check / update my contact details?

If I don't have an e-mail can I still get offers?

My friend / family member got x and I didn't, why not?

Will we still get discounts on certain items? (instant savings)

How long is the switched Rand value from Smart Shopper points available on a card?

Does Fresh Living still remain free as a Smart Shopper?

Customer Care Line

0800 11 22 88

Agents are available:
Monday to Saturday: 08h00 - 19h00
Sunday & Public Holidays: 09h00 - 17h00