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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain division deals with all aspects of moving and storing products from our suppliers to our store shelves, and how this influences the ultimate value for our customers.

This important division offers career opportunities such as Forecasting and Replenishment, Distribution Centre Management and Finance.

A supply chain is a system of organisations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.

In PnP we follow a centralised supply chain model; suppliers deliver goods to distribution centres around the country and PnP delivers to the stores. It is the primary function of a supply chain team to ensure that product is moved through the chain in the most cost effective manner. Finding innovative solutions, through process engineering, new technologies and skilled talent is all in a day’s work.

Our supply chain has multiple areas of competence:

  • Strategic development – Looking to the future
  • Logistic operations – Flow, accessibility, space and throughput of stock 
  • Demand Planning – Forecasting and ordering stock for stores
  • Financial management – Key performance areas (KPA’s) measurement 
  • Franchisee and vendor engagement – Centralisation and account management

Stock management is a key driver of the supply chain. Forecasting sales trends, promotional activity and market requirements makes Supply Chain Planners the scientist of retail. Analytics, systems and well-designed algorithms are all of the tools that the Supply Chain Planning team have at their disposal.

PnP has Distribution centres across South Africa that deliver within South Africa, neighbouring states and to countries in Africa. Transport management is a crucial part of logistics. Understanding the fleet requirement, route optimisation and cubic configuration of how much can fit on a truck, ensures effective cost management. PnP also has an On-line channel for distribution and this too follows a centralised supply chain model. Offering home deliver and Click and Collect from selected stores.

Across the full supply chain there are varied roles and responsibilities. None more important that the other. Supply chain is like running a relay race, the baton is passed at the right time to the right person, only then does the team win.