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Throw a singles' party this Valentine's Day

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Have friends who are single and willing to mingle? Play Cupid this Valentine's Day by planning a matchmaking shindig.

Being single on Valentine’s Day needn’t be doom and gloom – especially when there are so many others just like you. Take advantage of the date by bringing the lonely hearts you know together for a party. You never know - you or one of your guests could end up with a new romance! 

Here are some tips for singles’ party success.

Love bites 

Make heart-shaped tomatoes! Cut cocktail tomatoes at a 45-degree angle, then flip one side and skewer on a toothpick for a touch of Cupid. Scatter in a tapas platter and serve with a fiery red pepper dip.

Serve cupcakes decorated with pink icing and candy hearts or cherries. Here’s a chocolate cupcake recipe that’ll make hearts melt.

Add a bit of spice to your shindig with a boozy chilli-chocolate beverage

Should sparks fly between any of your guests, help them cool off with rose petal and milk ice lollies.

V-Day décor

Valentine’s Day wreath. Greet your guests as they get to the door with a wreath you’ve handmade with love. Cut gift-wrapping paper (red, pink and white) into 9cm strips. Tightly wrap the strips around a pencil to curl them and glue the ends of each together to form a loop. Then glue to a Styrofoam wreath until covered. Attach a Happy Valentine’s Day printable glued to cardboard to finish off.

Candy heart tree. This will look sweet anywhere you place it! Simply dab a dot of glue (royal icing makes great edible glue) on the back of each candy heart and stick on a Styrofoam cone, starting from the base and working your way around.

Votive candles. Wrap washi tape (red, white, pink, hearts) around the centres of scented candles and light ‘em for instant ambiance and sensual aromas.

Party favours for your Valentines

Pick up a bouquet of roses from your nearest Pick n Pay Florist. When each guest arrives, greet them with a single red flower. 

Use pink birthday candles to make thank you cards. Simply glue onto paperboard and draw red hearts above the wick, and write: “Thank you for lighting up my V-Day!”

Break the ice

As host, it’s a good idea to introduce your guests to each other as they arrive. This is because “I don’t know anyone” is one of the biggest fears of singles trying to mingle. Make it easier by introducing groups of people. Afterwards, you can leave them on their own to talk. 

Activities for attraction

Take the edge off single-dom with some fun activities. Plan games that will bring out the social side of your guests so they can get to know each other. Here are some great singles’ party games:

Create flirtatious nametags. Write catchy phrases on them like ‘Will ____ for food,’ ‘For One Night Only I’ll______,’ or ‘Meet me, I’m_______,’ Have each guest write their name on theirs and fill in the blanks.

Truth or dare. Tried and tested, so no explanation necessary. This game is as safe or silly as your guests want to make it.

Famous couples. Create a list of famous couples. Write the names of each couple on separate pieces of paper (same amount of names as guests) and mix them up in a bowl. As each guest arrives, tape a name on their back. Throughout the night, guests can only ask yes or no questions to find out who they are. The goal is for everyone to eventually find their match.


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